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GFPRO Eco Watering Computer Bluetooth® irrigation programmer

GFPRO Eco Watering Computer irrigation programmer controlled via the GF App, to manage home irrigation directly from your smartphone. Easy to use, it allows you to program irrigation by connecting the device to the programmer via Bluetooth® wireless technology connection. Through the control panel of the GF App it is possible to:
• Set customized programs: setting the starting time, duration and frequency
irrigation, for a maximum of 4 daily irrigations.
• Set predefined programs: designed for irrigation at optimal times
of the day, and differentiated between Surface Irrigation and Microirrigation / Drop by Drop
• Set the ECO function: which adjusts the duration of the programs previously set according to the current season, thus avoiding waste for a more ecological choice.
• Manually adjust the duration of the programmed irrigation: it is possible
increase or decrease the duration of the programs previously set based on forecasts of warmer or rainy weather for the next 3 days.
• Manually open or close the water flow.
• Associate with the app and simultaneously manage multiple GFPRO Eco programmers
Watering Computer.
App available for iOS and Android devices.


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